Freeze Frame out now!

freeze-frameThe new single “Freeze Frame” is now released in Europe and is available on Spotify, Amazon and more.

  • Posted 01/06/2013
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    • Frida Marklind

      I love it! Can’t wait for the whole album…!

    • chrislovesdbainholland

      Love this band waiting for the new album hope it wil be soon
      And when do you go to the netherlands for next time

    • jake

      its not the same without Jimmie but hey its DEAD BY APRIL ,.,.love you guys

    • Laura Bellido

      I love this band!! lml And I can’t wait for listening the whole album!! I am Spanish and I would like to know if possible it that you come to Spain and you do a concert in Catalonia? >.<

    • maksim

      Jimmie!!! Jimmie!!! Jimmie!!!

    • CaldeRoN

      jimmie was cool he is king…without jimmie i dont like DBA

    • Thuy

      I personally fell in love with Dead by April due to Jimmie’s voice, well I guess it’s more like I fell in love with his voice first, but I eventually fell in love with the whole band, so; I support you guys all the way. Good luck! Can’t wait to see you guys soon (:

    • Tanya Kantaeva

      Come in Volgograd

    • Паша Морозов

      Hello,my name is Pasha,I from Kursk(Russia).In Kursk, love you so much and waiting for your concert, come, please.You are special .

    • Pablo Gonçalves

      Faltam vim para o brasil!